Electrolysis vs. Laser


First Used in 1875 

Electrolysis is 100% Permanent

100% Approved by FDA as Permanent 

Safe/Effective for all skin and hair types

Targets "root cause" ie blood supply of the hair


First Used in the Mid 1990s

Only considered hair reduction and it not guaranteed.

FDA approved only to be "permanent reduction"*

Not safe/effective for all skin and hair types**

Targets Melanin (Pigment of the hair)


*Laser - Lifetime maintenance is required. In some cases laser can stimulate more hair growth.

**Laser does not work on light hair of any color, blonde, brown, red, or grey. It also does not work on hair that is sparse or fine in texture. It is also not safe on tanned skin. Electrolysis works for all hair types, does not require maintenance, and can be performed on tanned skin.