InjectAbles and skin treatments

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+ How long does bruising/swelling last?

  1. Bruising and swelling depends on skin type and area of treatment, but on average bruising and swelling can last anywhere from 2-7 days.

+ What can I do to help minimize swelling and bruising?

  1. We recommend avoiding alcohol or blood-thinning medications (Ibuprofen, Advil, Aspirin) for 3-5 days prior to your appointment. Arnica and Bromelain are homeopathic remedies that have been shown to assist in minimizing bruising and swelling.

+ What is the difference between Botox and Dysport?

  1. Both Botox and Dysport are neurotoxins which help to relax unwanted muscle movement, like brow furrows, forehead lines and crows feet. The duration and effects of the products are similar in most people, but some may have different experiences with each. You and your provider can discuss both products and choose according to your desired results and current muscle activity.

+ What type of filler should I get?

  1. The type of filler you need depends on where you would like to inject and the desired aesthetic goal. You will be able to discuss and develop a customized plan with your provider at the time of your consultation.

+ Can I see photos of before & after treatments?

  1. To see before and after photos , we suggest checking out our instagram page @LimogesBeauty

+ Can I receive a treatment if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

  1. Unfortunately, we cannot perform any injectable or skin treatments while pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Do you accept Brilliant Distinctions and/or Aspire points?

  1. Yes we do! Just make sure to create/activate any coupons before your appointment.


+ What is the cancellation/Rescheduling policy?

  1. We require credit card information when scheduling an appointment. If you do not show up, reschedule, or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment we will charge the cost of your electrolysis appointment or $50 for injectable and skin treatment appointments. This is due to the respect of all clients and technicians and their time, as unpaid missed appointments can cause price increases.
  1. We do offer text and email confirmations for client convenvience. However the client is utimately responsible for the appointment whether or not the client receives the confirmations.

+ Do you take Insurance/Care Credit?

  1. Unfortunately, we do not accept any insurance or Care Credit at Limoges Beauty; however, we are happy to develop an overall aesthetic journey plan that fits your time and budget.

+ Can I bring a friend?

  1. Yes! We love when people bring company.