Enzyderm | Enzymatic Exfoliating Gel

Enzyderm | Enzymatic Exfoliating Gel


Tube 200ml (6.8fl. oz.) 

Skin Types

All skin types, especially very sensitive skins. Face. 

Main Active Ingredients

• Papain powder: botanical enzyme that biologically digests dead skin cells, removing them from the skin surface
• Aloe vera: moisturizing, softening, regenerating
• Essential grapefruit oil: astringent, lightening
• Allantoin: anti-inflammatory
• Paraben free 


Apply a thick coat on the skin. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, keeping the face covered with a compress dampened with lotion or spraying Toniqa on a regular basis (the product must remain damp for effective enzyme action). Recommended once or twice a week. 

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