Limpiderm | Deep-Cleansing Gel

Limpiderm | Deep-Cleansing Gel


Tube 125ml (4.2fl. oz.)

Skin Type

Lipidic, hyperlipidic or acne-prone skins. Face and body. 

Main Active Ingredients

• Lemon: antiseptic, astringent, regenerating, lightening
• Retinyl palmitate (Vit. A derivative): moisturizing, antioxidant
• Geranium: astringent, regenerating, cleansing
• Comfrey: astringent, softening
• Elderberry flower: anti-inflammatory
• Burdock root: antiacne, antiseborrheic, anti-inflammatory, 
• Cucumber: astringent, refreshing, anti-inflammatory, emollient
• Calendula: calming, antiseptic, decongestive, regenerating
• Paraben free 


Excellent deep-cleansing gel for acne-prone, lipidic and seborrheic skins. Apply on damp skin in a light circular motion. Rinse. Use daily to deep clean the skin. Once a week, massage with a small brush for a few minutes and rinse. After each use, always clean the brush thoroughly and disinfect with Bactirince (soak for 15 minutes). Do not use the brush on areas with active acne or lesions.

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