Pur - Purifying Serum

Pur - Purifying Serum


Pump 60ml (2fl. oz.)

Skin Type

Normal skin with lipidic and acne-prone condition. Face. 

Main Active Ingredients

• Grapefruit Extract: refreshing, stimulating, antioxidant, antiradical. 
• Extract of Serenoa: mattifying and normalizing properties
• Carnitine: active ingredient that accelerates catabolism, a cellular reaction that breaks down fatty acids. It is a carrier involved in the transformation of fatty acids into energy inside mitochondria, thereby preventing sebum accumulations around the follicle. 
• Burdock extract: botanical extract, the core component of this serum’s purifying action. Also antibacterial and indispensable to restore normal sebaceous secretions. Indicated for papules and dermatosis. 
• Argan oil: highly moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerative properties. 
• Sesame oil: regenerating, softening and antioxidant properties
• Vitamins A, E: antioxidant, antiwrinkle, lightening, regenerating free-radical fighters. 
• Hydrolyzed silk protein: natural fibers are secreted by the silkworm bringing softness and suppleness to the skin. 
• Paraben free 


This formula is designed to help problem skin recover a normal sebaceous balance. 


Apply locally or on the entire face and neck morning and evening. Allow to penetrate until complete absorption.

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