Toniqa | Cool Restoring Lotion

Toniqa | Cool Restoring Lotion


Pump 120ml (4.05fl. oz.)

Skin Type

All skin types. Face and body. 

Main Active Ingredients

• Allantoin: calming, regenerating, moisturizing, protective
• Zinc sulphate: regenerating, antioxidant
• Rosemary: antiseptic, stimulating, invigorating, regenerating
• Thyme: astringent, regenerating, antiseptic
• Cucumber: astringent, reduces redness, refreshing
• Bisabolol: soothing and calming (effect). Relieves skin hypersensitivity. 
• Calendula: calming, antiseptic, decongestive, regenerating
• Lemon balm: sedative, refreshing, antiseptic 


Apply on the skin after cleansing milk or gel. Refreshes the skin and restores pH level. 

Apply on gauzes on the eyes for a decongestive and invigorating effect. 

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