Vidacell | Silhouette Creme

Vidacell | Silhouette Creme


Tube 200ml (6.8fl. oz.)

Skin Type

All skin types. Contraindicated for pregnant or nursing women, thyroid disorders. Body. 

Main Active Ingredients

• Caffeine: lipogenesis inhibitor, stimulant, promotes toxin elimination
• Shea butter: nourishing, revitalizing, protective
• Rosemary (essential oil): antiseptic, stimulant, invigorating, regenerating, relaxant
• Sage oil: antiseptic, astringent, calming
• Ivy: decongestive, antiseptic, invigorating
• Algae (Japanese kombu): invigorating, slimming, stimulant, promotes toxin elimination
• Cypress (essential oil): regenerating, astringent, stimulant, relaxant
• Wintergreen (essential oil): astringent, antirheumatism, hyperemiating
• Paraben free 


Intensive cellulite, firming, heavy legs treatment. Apply on affected areas and massage in once or twice a day. 

Massage creme. Excellent to relieve rheumatism and muscle tension. Once or twice a day.

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