For - Fortifying Complex

For - Fortifying Complex


Pump 60ml (2fl. oz.)

Skin Type

All skin types, particularly sensitive and congested skin. Face. 

Main Active Ingredients

• Panthenol: B5 vitamin, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, emollient
• Arnica Montana flower extract: vasomotor, decongestant, anti-inflammatory
• Rhizone root extract: anti-aging, antioxidant
• Barley root extract: restoration of the barrier function of skin
• Cypress seed extract: tones up blood circulation. Anti-inflammatory, regenerative
• Licorice root extract: lightening, calming, anti-inflammatory. 
• Brown algae extract (ascophyllum nodosum): stimulating, toning, revitalizing, rebalancing, detoxifying. 
• Red algae extract (asparagopsis armata): antiradical, calming, antiredness
• Centella Asiatica extract: regenerator, vasodilator. Increases collagen production and antioxidant activity. Anti-aging and skin renovator
• Papaya extract: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-oxydant, antiradical
• Iris root extract: toning, anti-aging, regenerative, moisturizing. 
• Calendula extract: reduces inflammation and soothes the skin. Calming, decongestant. 
• Vitamin E: regenerative, toning, regenerating, nourishing. 
• Soya oil: tightening effect
• Peppermint extract: vasoconstrictor, refreshing, astringent, antibacterial and purifying
• pH 5.1
• Paraben free 


Its formula strengthens micro-circulation and helps the reconstruction and fortification of the pre-capillaries. Reduces the appearance of redness and couperosis. 


Apply on a clean skin, once or twice a day, before the day or night cream appropriate for your skin type.

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